Covala Automation

Covala Automation promotes and represents best-in-class suppliers of materials and equipment for electronics manufacturing and assembly including Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through-hole Technology, and Final Assembly Automation.

Automatic Optical Inspection
Solder Paste /
In-line X-ray

Printing / Pick & Place

Smart Material Storage

Laser Marking

Stencil & Batch Cleaning

Vapor Phase: In-line &
Manual Load


Thermal Profiling System

Automatic SMT PCB Support Tooling

Robotic Soldering

Nitrogen Generation

Dry Storage Cabinets

Selective, Wave, Reflow

SMT tape splice solutions

Conveyors, Automation

Label & SMT feeders

Conformal coating equipment

Dispensing equipment

The name COVALA is derived from the word COVALENT, which is a strong molecular bond between atoms.  We form a strong a bond among customers, represented suppliers, and ourselves – to make us stronger together.